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About - Part of Fit

Part of Fit is the place where you can work up your sweat.

Get ready for tough group workouts, lots of fun and community vibes.

No workout is boring with our energetic trainers.

We motivate and help you achieve your goal.

Not only do the trainers motivate you, but also the other athletes of Part of Fit.

We are not just a training facility, we are THE gym for group workouts.

Part of Fit is a chill environment where all type of athletes come together where you not only work on your physical well-being, but also the mental part.

A complete focus on yourself, clear your head and discover your own strengths.



Good to know.

What is the concept?

Part of Fit is the social performance gym for group workouts with a focus on strength, condition, performance and mobility. personal training is also an option. You can book your group lessons through the Virtuagym app. Do you want to know more about the workouts we offer? click here.

What is the notice period?

Our notice period is a full period of 4 weeks.

The moment you cancel your subscription, you will complete the remaining period of the current 4 weeks and your subscription will continue for the following 4 weeks. ​


Please note, when you go for one of our memberships (Unlimited & 3 pack) you will have a minimum period of 4 weeks. After this period it can be canceled with a notice period of 4 weeks. ​


Do you want to cancel? mail to and we will send you a confirmation of the canceled membership as soon as possible. No confirmation after 5 to 10 days? please let us know!

Can you pause your membership?

In case of injuries & pregnancy we can pause your membership if you let us know via with a doctor's statement.

Can you also train at part of fit with onefit & classpass?

Yes! We can also be found and booked via Onefit & Classpass

Do you also offer personal training?

All our trainers can be booked for personal training. We offer 1 on 1 PT, Duo PT & Small group PT. Do you want more information or book a PT? mail to

Free parking at Rivium 3e straat 7
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